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EchoProducer Current Version 3.7.8

Version 3.7.8
 27th December 2012


        Extra Beacon Option added (Idents & Settings)

         Force Audio Ident even when station transmitting via IP (Idents & Settings)

         Beacon Connected stations moved to the Extra beacon section

         Beacon Connected station stay silent option if no connects added

         Early beacon time set added. (Play file at set time. I use mine for time pips on the hour)

         Station Con / Disc Callsign announcement text changer added

         Move to tool bar removed do to programming issues

         Weather information to text box request option added

         Callsign name changer. Can be used if using normal Callsign as a conference.

         Text changer removed from weather section and extra text changer section.

         Text Changer another 15 fields added there are 60 in total now. If you had any in the last version you will need to add them again (Sorry). I needed to do this to bring them all in the same place as the weather section was being over loaded.

         Say the time now uses the text changer.

         Last station disconnect bug fixed.

         Windows 8 Detector added. (Used within the program)

Version 3.7.7
 21st October 2012

Weather text changer an extra panel added for more lines
Weather Conditions transmission Computer or Report time option added
Weather condition option that adds to report if available added
Weather conditions "Unknown" detector added
Weather conditions add time option to report added
Weather conditions use the words Hours and Minutes in Report added
Weather conditions Pre Amble option added
Say The Time option add minutes to the report (X Hours X Minutes)
High / Low temperature indicator added to the main panel
High wind indicator added to the main panel
VWS time minutes corrected. Leading 0 added when required
Windows 7 checker (To hide Vol & Mic captions they don’t work in Win 7)
Help Website button points to the new website
Large / Small main screen option added
Access to appropriate screens added via clicking the LED's
Callsign information fade added when station stops TXing
Weather Warning indicators added on main panel
Multi conference stations connected list added to main panel
Player Utils time indicator fixed
Date format option added
Auto detect button 32 or 64 bit to set default directory
Inserted the “Text Box DTMF & Text Commands” option
Select the type of courtesy tone via DTMF added
MP3 files merging facility added to download section
Note on merging
The files to be merged must have the same bit rate other wise you will have fast and slow talking sections. It will work OK with the RSGB audio files as they are all the same bit rate.


Version 3.7.6
 6th September 2012

New Graphical front end added

Extra fields added to the weather text changer

Weather text changer scan added to the weather forecast

Removed text box audio request section.

Buttons in all the section changed back to the old style (Many requests for this)

CW idents selection for the idents at the end of over's or during and over to ID

Download news file size of file added

Beacon set 1 file selection buttons fixed


Version 3.7.5
1st December 2011

Parrot stop playback TX button fixed.

Weather warning alert tone sounding off when in silence mode bug fixed

Weather Conditions text changer button bug fixed

Weather Warning Europe Text changer added.

Android / iPhone "Exit No Action" button added (Conference Admin Function)

DTMF High / Low not saving bug fixed

Internet IP Anti-Kerchunker added to Courtesy Tones section.

Enable / Disable Announcements tool tips corrected.

Day and time beacons some display items missing fixed

Weather forecast count down time all seconds not showing fixed


Version 3.7.4
7th July 2011

73's Removed from the Text Box Greeting. It can be added in the Disconnect field if required.

Both mph and kph displayed in Weather Conditions and High / Low Temp and High winds panels.

High temperature warning added to weather Low Temp and High winds panel.

Wind Chill tick option added Weather Conditions. Some areas do not have Wind Chill in there reports.

Nice Buttons added

Screen colour changes through out the program

Main screen colour changer.

LED's added on main screen


Version 3.7.3
26th April 2011

Backup your .ini files windows location files added.

Email data saved to disc for weather warnings and sysop messages. (EchoEmail & Free Gmail account required)

Virtual Weather Station users option added (Weather)

QRZ lookup removed from sysop conference control section. (Was causing server busy problems)

Main menu button changes

Some minor code changes


Version 3.7.2
16th February 2011

Europe weather warning bug fixed. Flashed on menu screen when there were no warnings

Weather Warning beacon bug fixed. Beacon stays silent when no warnings now

When no weather warning stay silent tick box removed. All automatic now. Not required

Weather warning indicator added to main menu panel. Only shows while warning is active

Weather Warning section Reset button added. (Sets Count down counter)


Version 3.7.0 / 1
5th February 2011

RX audio level bar graph bug fixed

Alterations made due to changes in the weather Underground changes

Tone Alert option added to Weather Warning Beacons


Version 3.6.9
26th January 2011

Weather beacon for Conditions on the Hour Quarter & Half Added

Weather Warning some area data collections have changed adapted software to compensate

Weather warnings messages amount of warning lines increased for the longer messages.

Text box Admin Power filter updated. Timed disconnect added.

Text box Admin Power filter save data bug fixed

Menu Setup Buttons added (Re introduced due to many requests to have them back )

Admin time out Disconnect / Mute messages bug fixed

Audio call sign ident play when pre set gaps in news bug fixed.

Parrot when initialised 1st usage bug fixed

Some minor code adjustments


Version 3.6.8
1st January 2011

Voice selection increased to 10 voice if installed

Delay in seconds option added for when weather warning tone is used

Weather Warning Europe beacon waits if QSO is in operation when due to send waits until QSO is over before sending

Europe Weather warnings history added

Wind chill added to the weather conditions (Weather)

The wind chill added to the language file (Language)

iPhone / Android small Conference admin panel added (Conference Controller)

Time out timer on main menu updated . RX time out shown (now shows admin time out when selected)

Conference time out text box message changer added (Conference Sysop)

Conference time out bug fixed

Day of the week added to the main menu


Version 3.6.7
13th December 2010

Update program bug fixed

Weather section re vamped as it was getting a little cluttered

Weather warnings for Europe areas added

Centigrade / Fahrenheit displayed in the main screen top bar.

Low temperature warning option added. (Weather section)

Selection of Voices if installed option to change on the fly when using TTS.

Language file TTS section updated

If time is selected when station connects speeded up.

Voice Ident will wait and sound off if the system is busy at the end of an over.

Idents and Settings tidied up and put into a more logical order


Version 3.6.6
27th November 2010

Weather warning play bug when downloading news file fixed

Listen Only and Busy selection via DTMF and local button fixed

Weather Warning, Play file (Tone) option added before warning message TX'ed

Weather Warning Repeat Beacon amount of times TX'ed now adjustable.

DTMF call for Long warning bug fixed

Date option added to time announcements

Start program in system tray bug fixed

Time out timer not resetting on start-up bug fixed

Language section "Today is" added. This is for date option above. (Used when TXing the Date)

Time and some other audio announcements routine changed. Processor usage was very high when these went off.

Auto check for update when program starts Option Added. (About / Update)


Version 3.6.5
30th October 2010

Allow Breaks In Transmission. For Radios With Built In Time Out or CW Idents negative figures countdown bug fixed (Player Utils)

Serial Player some of the code changed bug fixed .Wasn't incrementing.

Auto connects section re designed for easier use. (Auto Connects)

Day & Time Beacons menu added and put in a more logical order

Text Box Messages menu added and put in a more logical order

Conference Controller major changes and top menu added

Conference Admin Timed Ban menu added and put in a more logical order

Main top menu changes and old menu buttons removed. (Main Menu)

Text box command 2nd set removed (Not needed)

Downloads screens re arranged & menu added

Admin Sysop Power Filter menu added and put in a more logical order (Power FIlter)

Auto Connect when reading news in scheduler section bug fixed

Beacon set 1 & 2  DTMF toggle on and off added (Beacons)

DTMD Toggle added to weather warning Beacon (Weather)

DTMF Toggle added to Live Warning Announcement. (Weather)

DTMF to toggle Beacon set 1 or 2 ( Idents & Settings)

DTMF Control section set on its own screens (DTMF)

Profiles Put in a more logical order.

Connects and disconnect section set in its own screens.


Version 3.6.4
 22nd May 2010

Menu bar added the top of main start up screen (Main Menu Screen)

Link Idle ID bug fixed ( Timer not restarting ) (Idents)

VU Meter when using the Mic input added (Only shows when RF user using your system) (Main Menu Screen)

Tidy up of some of the internal code 


Version 3.6.3
26th March 2010

Day & Time Beacon 1 save file location bug fixed (Day & Time Beacons)

EchoNet Section Removed from the program due to High CPU usage


Version 3.6.2
20th March 2010

Net Scheduler List Busy & Listen Only bug fixed (Net Scheduler)

Day & Time Beacon made to TX the beacon at the start of the time interval instead of waiting for the fill time cycle (Day & Time Beacon)

News downloader successful download giving Date & Time pop up screen added (News Downloads)

Textbox request to RF and IP player looping bug fixed (Text Box / DTMF Command - RF & IP Audio Player)

User Buttons enhanced colour (All Panels)

Auto Connect tick boxes now save (Auto Connects)


Version 3.6.1
6th March 2010

Extra Text Box commands added (Text Box Node Controller)

Text Box Request to RF & IP Player Utility bug Fixed.

Water Mark added for indication of the last station connected (Main Consol)

Last Station that connected DTMF Request added. (Idents & Settings)

Busy status when playing news bug fixed

Extra Floating station list panel added. See all what EchoLink sends. (Small button main consol screen)


Version 3.6.0
28th February 2010

Listen Only option added to the Stay Connected options. (Idents / Settings - Settings)

Restart options relocated. Accessible via DTMF Control screen. (DTMF/Connect Control)

Computer Day & Time Scheduler added to the restart section (DTMF/Connect Control)

List as Busy & Listen only DTMF options added. (DTMF/Connect Control) & (Auto Connects)

Auto Connect options added. Some of the old auto connects moved here. (Main Menu)

Internal code changes in conference controller to help with different countries XP versions

More text added to the Language Option (Language TTS Text)

Connected call that is announced out now say Zed now instead of Ze

Day & Time Beacons extra option added and a correction in the beacon codes. (Day & Time Beacons)

Text Box Control added. Use another Node, iPhone or iPod Text to control some functions of your node.

Weather Warming's not saving path to file bug fixed. (Weather)

Option added that enables your node to send an 8k 8bit wav file to the RF and connected IP stations using a remote node command in the text box.


Version 3.5.9
31st January 2010

DTMF option added to pre set Text Messages (Text Box Messages)

UnMute button added to the Action Menu

Courtesy Tones Screen Rearranged

Small text changes to Idents / Settings panel

Date & Time activated/de-activate time beacons added Date & Time Beacons Added

Server Busy message bug fixed "Web Stats Listing." (Conference Controller)


Version 3.5.8
23rd  January 2010

Multi Connect Option added to Conference Controller. Connect / Disconnect  up to 40 stations quickly

Up to 10 conferences can now be selected and added. You will need to re add your existing conferences and passwords

EchoIrlp conference option added for some of the commands like imute etc...

Selection of Conferences made easier.

Main Consol who is connected window scroll bug fixed

Day & Time beacon set 4 minutes not saving fixed

Listen Only and List As Busy buttons added to the Main Menu Consol

Silence Mode now works with the extra beacons  (Text Beacons)

DTMF Enable / Disable now affects All of the EchoProducer program  (DTMF / Connect Control)

Some internal code changes


Version 3.5.7
3rd  January 2010

Last Temperature and wind speed and direction added to the main menu title bar

Loading banner added. Just to let you know the program is loading

Who Is Connected beacon Kate says Zero now instead of "oh" and Test button added.

Option to change Warning Text Language to your own language.  (Language TTS Text - Warning Text Box Messages Language)

Text Box Beacon added (Conference Controller - Text Box Messages - Text Box Beacons)

Text Box Greeting. Option added to enable the sysop to change the Text Language "Hello" - "Connected" - "Disconnected" to your own Language


Version 3.5.6
11th  December 2009

Player time length - Used - Time Left indicator added to Player Active indicator (Main Menu)

Weather temperature added to main menu (Main Menu)

Small changes to the weather screens (Tidy Up)

Language file "Minus" field added.

Time and Temperature announcement not going below minus 1. Bug fixed. 

Day & Time (Future Date & Time) Bug Fixed

The Who Is Connected beacon now silences during silence period.


Version 3.5.4/5
2nd December 2009

Embedded Language TTS (Text To Speech) changing option added to enable the default language to be changed by the sysop to there own language if English is not your native language. (Main Menu)

RF user History removed from Idents section (See below)

Connect & RF History added. This option can hold records of the start and end of RF usage and any DTMF used also the option to record RF audio on your node (Main Menu)

Update Downloader code changes

Default / 64 bit  User Directory selection added  to (Idents / Settings - Settings)

Who is connected Beacon / DTMF option added (Idents / Settings - Idents)

Add temperature to the time option added (Idents / Settings - Idents)

Small change to the Curtsey Idents screen due to TTS Language changes (Curtsey Tones)

Net Scheduler 2. Future Date net Scheduler bug fixed (DTMF / Connect Control - Net Scheduler

Re arrange the main menu to allow for some new buttons (Main Menu)

Day And Time Beacons added with Future beacon added (Day & Time Beacon)

Day & Time Beacons. DTMF option added

Some code changes to the who is connected beacon.

Minor bug fixes


Version 3.5.3
22nd November 2009

Bug in the save data Profiles section fixed

Bug in the save data section of  Extra Beacon

TTS ( Text To Speech) Embedded Text can now be changed in the Time and Weather sections to your own language

DTMF for time. Option to add the temperature to time added


Version 3.5.2
23rd October 2009

Use CW ident disabled when Windows 7 selected the. Voice ident re instated.

Parrot mode added

Conference Selection added to front consol (Admin Mode)

Larger text option in the Main Menu and Text Box Chat section. For poor sited operators

Beacons not playing .mp3 files as they should. Bug fixed


Version 3.5.1
3rd October 2009

Main consul menu screen re designed & hiding setup buttons

Larger text in who is talking field with water mark for last talked

Conference Controller list function option disable fixed. Will now stop listing when not required

QRZ option on sysop Action menu added

One DTMF option removed from Conference Controller (I Needed the space)

Disable CW in Idents section when using Windows 7 due to an EchoLink CW problem if using Windows 7


Version 3.5.0
 23rd September 2009

 Time out timer indicator on main menu disabled during local announcement / news and weather

Local Announcement / Weather / News indicator added to main menu consol panel (When connected to a conference)

Internal times adjusted to reduce CPU usage by 40%

Fan in use indicator added to main Menu Consol


Version 3.4.9
 20th September 2009

DTMF File / Text Player Save and hide buttons swapped over

Mute Last (Timed) Main menu bug fixed

Conference controller amendment to listing. Option to use node list and use/ send Conference stats added

Transferring some timer code to other timers to reduce timer quantity and PC overheads.

Many code routines re written to enable Windows 7 to work with EchoProducer


Version 3.4.8
 4th September 2009

Tidy up some code in timers and reduce the amount of timers to save on PC overheads

Menu / Information changes. Station Talking and Last Station To TX sections close when not connect to conference

Pause and Resume play added to Player Utils and news player

Auto (.List) use option added Conference Controller

Tidy up of some program code and times

Extra information added to last station talking on main menu screen


Version 3.4.7
 29th August 2009

Main Menu Enhanced (Status Information added)

Weather data files check and information for new users explaining why files are missing. (If Missing)

Power Admin Text box filter Disconnect / Warns node if text box filter word or Repetition Beacon is seen ( Helps stops them annoying adverts in the text box)

Close down EchoProducer program by DTMF added. (DTMF / Connect Control section)

Text Box Greeting time stamp added for when stations connect.

Conference Controller Auto Mute countdown changes colour at 60 second warning.

Conference Controller Auto List Users added (Uitls) Admin Use

Conference Controller minor changes

Extra sysop Text Box Messages fields added

Alterations to the About screen (Donation Button removed)

Idents screen RF Receive indicator added

Text Box Filter fields made wider

Conference Filter Minor Changes


Version 3.4.5/6
 3rd July 2009

Backup option added in the About / Updates section to enable your configuration .ini files to be saved

Changes made to the Conference Filter beacon

Small word correction made Connect / Disconnect

Use Weather Temperature as beacon.


Version 3.4.3/4
 18th June 2009

Weather / News extra end of Weather / News transmission wording option added.

TX DTMF Start / End of Weather Forecasts & Warnings, Beacons, News and Net Scheduler. (Removed)

Text Changer option added to the Weather Conditions section. Enables you to change some of the odd words sent from the weather program

Listen Only option added to Net Scheduler Set 1

Weather option added to the News Player section

News Downloader amendments to main panel for ease of viewing and easy access button to news section.

Admin to sysop Red Box Message extra fields added


Version 3.4.1/2
9th June 2009

Conference Filter listings clear when now when disconnect or change conferences.

Conference filter enhancements made

Sysop Messages access buttons added to Text Box Chat and Conference Controller section

Messages for Sysop extra options added.


Version 3.4.0
30th May 2009

Conference Filter update and enhancements.

Auto pop up option added to Chat Text Box


Version 3.3.8/9
23rd May 2009

Temperature option to have the time added. 3 options here 1 -  Add WX Data Time .2 Add Local Time at TX 3 - No Time Added

Conference filter section small changes to filter code

Send a Red Box Message to Sysop option added to private message section

Admin to Sysop messages added (Explain to effected node what happened and why)

Internal Code changes (Tidy up)

Bug fix in conference filter


Version 3.3.7
17th May 2009

Conference Filter some timings adjusted

Conference Filter option to show connected node list in alphabetic order

Word amendment to Beacon Set 2

Conference Controller Extra button added to show Filter (Control section)

Messages for Sysop's Attention screen added. Informs your node has been Muted, Disconnected and other messages.
Messages can be manually sent sent using the text box or text box chat to the sysop of the node using the syntax star star callsign of the node star star and then your message. for example  **EI2IPG-R** Your Message. You can leave off the " -L or -R " example **EI2IPG** or **ei2ipg** so a message sent informing the sysop of a problem or just a general message would look like this  "**EI2IPG-R** Your node sounded good today de Peter EI4JR"


Version 3.3.6
11th May 2009

Serial Player selectable delay before Play added. This avoids clashes with other beacons that might be set.

Conference controller un mute .quote message now used

Connect History "Use" option added

Beacon Set 1 option amended so as you have the option to enable set 1 & 2 Timed Beacons to operate at the same time.


Version 3.3.5
3rd May 2009

Profiles section DTMF added for RF Selection also small buttons added for PC selection

Courtesy Tone section. Who is TXing and last station to TX information added

Conference Info to Text box informing of a mute "wording changed"

Some Error trapping added to the Idents Section (Thanks Vaughan M0VRR)

Lurk / De Lurk function added to Conference Controller

Adjustments to Conference Filter


Version 3.3.4
1st April 2009

Conference Controller DTMF section Some buttons added for ease of Connect / Disconnect nodes to Conference

Minor Adjustments to the Beacon 2 section

Weather Conditions section 12 / 24 hour time now changes to the correct format

Conference Filter added. Helps control and stop other nodes who Multi Conference active. (Conference Owners Only)


Version 3.3.3
24th March 2009

Beacons section. choice of formats for beacons. Text in fields or Text file on hard driver or .wav or .mp3 files

Conference controller extra option for last talking station to be muted or disconnected

Minor adjustments to the source code in the files missing area 


Version 3.3.2
15th March 2009

Beacons section. Sequential beacons added (Access via scheduler)

Profiles Times selection (Day and Time) added with the option to change beacon sets

Re Set conference admin override added

Minor program adjustments

DTMF section. DTMF added to stop player TXing added. (Duplex only)



Version 3.3.1
8th March 2009

Weather Warning Summery option added to beacon

Serial player if system in use suppress playing

Silence announcements Time adjustments

News player time adjustments

Download seconds adjustments


Version 3.3.0
5th March 2009

DTMF Link Up / Down added to Silence announcements section

Close Down EchoLink and EchoProducer by DTMF

Refresh data screen when called by DTMF added in the DTMF / Text Player


Version 3.2.9
3rd March 2009

DTMF File / Text Player section. you can now enter URL to a web site one of the 20 fields also the DTMF. This web page that contains text will be transmitted. This is for web pages that have data like Weather - Traffic or any other useful information  that you can legally transmit. Only the text portion within the web page will be extracted This section will transmit various configurations like  .txt  .wav  .mp3 or urls (http://). The program recognises the formats and takes the appropriate action. This can help manipulate the text that was to be transmitted to sound right. 250 characters in each of the fields can be input. If you want to delete a word or a sentence that you have put in the word field simply leave the change to field empty or put a space in the field. You can make a total of 10 changes

Weather Warnings Text Changer The text changer button will reveal an option that will enable you to change any of the selected words or strings of text as an example the words "T-Storms" could be changed to "Thunder Storms". This can help manipulate the text that was to be transmitted to sound right. 250 characters in each of the fields can be input. If you want to delete a word or a sentence that you have put in the word field simply leave the change to field empty or put a space in the field. You can make a total of 10 changes


Version 3.2.6
26th February 2009

Delay before accepting selected DTMF commands bug fixed


Version 3.2.5
21st February 2009

Update checker bug fixed (False message if net not connected)


Version 3.2.4
17th February 2009

Update WX forecast Text to Wav (T-storms to "Thunder Storms")

2nd Net Scheduler some of the options were not saving. Fixed

Auto Timed connect reset time if node is in use added

Minor program code changes



Version 3.2.2
5th February 2009

Update Downloader upgraded

Start of program check for any updates added

Some minor bugs corrected

Stay connected added to schedules sections

Weather warning . changes to some of the words so they sound correct


Version 3.2.1
27th January  2009

DTMF Control / Scheduler section. Disconnect All from Link if Idle option added

Weather warning . Long warning added. You have 3 Warning options that can be selected via DTMF. Summery - Short - Long.


Version 3.1.8
25th January  2009

Stay connected Auto Connect Minutes in "Stetting" bug fixed

Minor adjustments to connect greeting messages


Version 3.1.7
19th January  2009

Silence Announcements timer fixed

Extra Net Scheduler panel added

DTMF Scheduler section adjusted

The Vista alterations did not work so still only runs under XP (Sorry)


Version 3.1.6
 7th January  2009

Program altered to enable to help run under Vista

Timed Connect added to DTMF Control section


Version 3.1.5
 27th December 2008

Simple scheduler added.

User Busy bug during DTMF group connects fixed

Minor source code adjustments made to the Menu

Station Talking identifier in Conference Controller clears correctly now when disconnected

DTMF to play Current Temperature added to Weather Conditions.


Version 3.1.4
 17th December 2008

File player Audio format selectable added.- 8kHz8BitMono - 11kHz16BitMono - 11kHz16BitStereo -16kHz16BitMono - 16kHz16BitStereo - 22kHz16BitMono - 32kHz16BitMono - 48kHz8BitMono - 48kHz16BitMono

Some Spelling Mistakes corrected

Connect via DTMF a station into a conference that you have admin rights (Conference Controller)

Auto Timed re connect bug fixed.

Text box control for timeout minutes (4 minutes) added to enable all admin to have the same timeout of 4 minutes set on the conference using the "/timeout4/" command

Disable Conference some commands when not an Admin added.

News Player extra news download button removed.


Version 3.1.2
 29th November 2008

Hide Button in chat box moved to the main screen to enable easy access.

Mute (Persistent) talking station in Conference control Utils and Control section section added

CW Ident enable option during silence period added (Idents - Silence Announcements section)

Curtsey tone the symbol ":" can be used to for a none letter if ident is not required

Auto Timed connect DTMF control added

Bug in "Turn ID off if Idle don't send Idents" locking Fixed


Version 3.1.1
 16th November 2008

Audio end of over ident volume slider now works independently

Net Control section minor adjustments

News reader volume slider bug fixed

Extra stop file player in forecast weather removed

Text message button added to the conference controller

EchoChat opens now when text message sent

Text Beacons screen open one at a time instead of both at the same time


Version 3.1.0
 27th September 2008

Weather forecast lows not giving correct information Fixed


Version 3.0.9
 23rd September 2008

Timed Un-Ban added to conference controller

Net control updated and placed on main menu

Weather DTMF enabled during Silence Announcements

Stop weather file playing added in weather section (It was there just named wrong)


Version 3.0.8
 19th September 2008

Swear words added to internal text box filter (Hard Coded)

Error trap added to exit routine to stop run time error on computer re boot.

Minor program adjustments to File Player Utils section

Due to delay for weather reports the user will hear "Stand By" while the report is being sorted.

Weather Warning Summery Added


Version 3.0.7
 12th September 2008

Nag screen when using the "X" to save date removed.

Text box message buttons sending wrong text fixed.

RTS & DTR selection made easier. Take away possible user error.

Error trap added to curtsy tone timings.

Attributes in the listing of who is logged on Conference (Conference Controller Utils. Admin Use)

Simple repeater option added in RTS / DTR section

Conference Controller "Mute Talking Station". Callsign, Message & Timed option added


Version 3.0.6
 6th September 2008

Text to Wav converter added

Case sensitive added to filter section on EchoChat section

Extra mail callsign added to private mail section in EchoChat

RTS / DCD permanent option added to the Idents/Settings section under RTS / DCD tab

Installer bug fixed


Version 3.0.5
 2nd September 2008



Older versions no longer available on this web site



I have put both the old versions of the above in the files section on the Yahoo EchoProducer group in case you want the old versions.

  Echo-Producer Yahoo group at



Many thanks to all the Beta Testers. Peter EI4JR - Paul VK2EX - Steve EI2GYB - Ian G8PWE - Mike VA3PS - Rob VK5TRM - NidgeG0WFS

Visit for more great EchoLink Add-ons
Peter EI4JR

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